Fear not, we’re still here…

Fear not, we’re still here…

It’s been a while since FatKidOnFire graced your radar, and for that we are truly sorry. The combination of a new internship (now finished), multiple bouts of the winter lurgy and it generally being too cold to do anything but hibernate have all taken their toll but we’re glad to have new content for the site…

We figured if we were going to be writing lots for you to read we’d give you guys an audio accompaniment to lessen the boredom. The newest mix to land on FKOF HQ is from our boy Joel. We first linked with Joel at the FAKE KID ON FIRE a few weekends back (where the above photo is from, shot by DBD’s Chris; and yes there is a recap of that event on its way). When he fired us the mix from his new soundcloud account we gave it a listen and were amazed by what we heard. We like our dubstep deep, dark and murky and when there’s grime thrown in for good measure you know you’re onto a winner. We’ll let you decide, but this one is certified dutty.

Snowy Morning Mix by J Village D

Track list:

  1. Cymatic – Electric Church
  2. J:Kenzo – Stomp
  3. GANGSTA NA PLAY aka NUMA CREW – Gangsta Na Play
  4. El-B ft Crazy D – Get A Move On
  5. Girl Unit – Wut
  6. B Live ft. Spyda, Newham Generals & Skepta – Modern Warfare 2
  7. JME – Oh
  8. Emvee – Powerful Leg
  9. Merky Ace (prod. by Faze Miyake) – Greaze
  10. 10. Darqwan – Jahwan

The next thing we’ve got lined up for you guys is also music related. If you remember the recap we did for the Bassdome x Audio dOughnuts x DBD Clothing launch party and you were lucky enough to have gone to the event itself, you’ll be more than psyched to know the crew are back.

The next Audio dOughnuts event will be at the Rhythm Factory from 10pm to 6am and will include free giveaways at 11pm (including tees and limited edition LPs) for those lucky folk first in queue! The night will see Rinse FM’s Kutz and Shox as well as Planet Mu’s Swindle along with Audio Doughnuts’ very own impressive artist roster take to the decks. The night is also completely free to accompany the free Taste The Bass LP which will be released on the Audio dOughnuts imprint on the 2nd January 2011.

For more info hit the Audio dOughnuts website, their Facebook and tweet at them on Twitter.

Line up:

  • Kutz (Soul Jazz / Rinse FM)
  • Swindle (Planet Mu)
  • Goli & Ashburner (For The Win / Audio Doughnuts)
  • Shox (Rinse FM / Audio Doughnuts)
  • Korus (Audio Doughnuts)
  • Nicholas Yeah? (Audio Doughnuts)
  • Lenny Still! (Audio Doughnuts)
  • Widowmaker (Audio Doughnuts)
  • Iris Brown (Audio Doughnuts)
  • Red Eye Crew (Orgy / Kirby / Narkie / Eyedub)
  • DOM (Hache’emvee)
  • + Wordplay, Gemini & Rawwz (UK hip-hop special)
  • Rebecca Knight Live P.A

MCs include:

  • Gemini
  • Idubkilla
  • Rawwz
  • Narkie
  • 2Deep

Finally, the last mention of tonight’s post goes to our fam over at Retreat Clothing. Their latest venture involves American artist Daniel Jonston.


Retreat’s Sid told me “I’m a fan of both his music, his art and approached his brother and manager Dick asking if I could use some of his work onto my tees”. There are two designs,both are full colour water-based prints.


An agreement was made between Daniel and Retreat meant Retreat could only release the designs as super limited 30 prints as Daniel’s work is highly sought after by art colleactors and goes for alot of money. The tees retails at £20.00 and we reckon for one of his pieces on a tee, £20 is a good deal!

The long (and probably very arduous) journey home for Christmas starts tomorrow, so there probably won’t be any new FKOF content until Thursday but expect two new features and three (maybe four) new makeitgood x FatKidOnFire mixes (*cough* did someone say a member of the Rodigan family? *cough*). It’ll get rambo once we’re installed in the Christmas residence!

If you have any thoughts on Joel’s mix, Audio dOughnut’s latest event or the Retreat x Daniel Johnston collab let us know either via the comments section below or through one of the other forms of contact (emailTwitter and Facebook).

Peace, love and respect.