August 2nd, 2014


By: FatKidOnFire

FKOF Un/Known02

FatKidOnFire Presents

We took a leap of faith with 2013's Un/Known01. A small one, in the scale of things, but a leap of faith nonetheless. Roughly a year later, FatKidOnFire is now a proper, if digital-only, record label releasing bass music every month. The successes of our debut album, and the FKOFd EPs that followed,...

May 12th, 2013


By: FatKidOnFire

Konvex x FatKidOnFire

[Artist Highlight]

It's been a good month for free EPs here on FatKidOnFire. We've had Warsa, Pressed Records and Turner all come through to give music away - and today marks the latest addition to the archive. We're (with a little help from FKOF fam Baitface) stoked to be celebrating long-time FKOF fam Konvex...